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The Environmental Foloi Museum is located in woodland Loutsa (Cross Street District Olympia – Lala – III & MD Koymani). The building is wooden and has been landscaped with traditional materials. The Environmental Museum has: a room with 50 seats and a modern infrastructure for conferences and the use of audiovisual equipment, a library, an office room, and there are open sections dedicated to ecology and mythology. The purpose of the Information Center is to highlight the individuality of the natural and cultural environment of the unique Folois oak forest (Natura 2000) and the wider mountainous area.

The objectives of the museum are:

  1. To provide information and awareness to students, visitors and the local community on issues related to the natural and cultural environment.
  2. To provide a view of the natural resources of the area (habitat, canyons, rivers, flora, fauna, avifauna)



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